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Countertops - More Than Just Meal prep!

Counter Tops

If there is one thing that is incredibly important when designing the look and feel of your kitchen, it is the counter tops. Choosing the wrong type of counter, or even the wrong material, can take an otherwise unified appearance and completely ruin the look and feel of the location. Given that, on average, a large amount of time is spent in the kitchen; don’t you want it to look like one of the best rooms in the house? Consider that, in addition to cooking, often people will gather in kitchens to talk and catch up over smaller meals and coffee.

Counter tops often come in a variety of types and constructions, though when home builders often do the initial construction there is a focus on either putting in the simplest type or offering expensive upgrades. From the perspective of the home builder, they want to offer a variety of options, but they are also looking at it from the perspective of having to provide a uniform construction. In the case of Timberwood Properties, you can have every inch of the custom kitchen that you are looking for without having to pay the massive upgrade fees that many home builders want to charge.

Which to Choose?

There are a variety of types of counter tops to choose from, depending on the look and feel that you desire in your kitchen. Beyond the basic installations that the normal home builders do, you can choose between butcher block counters, laminate, Corian, quartz, granite and marble among others. Wooden, butcher block, style counter tops provide a traditional feeling. Corian, on the other hand, is a synthetically grown counter that can provide the look and appearance of a more expensive counter without the same price tag. Marble and granite, of course, are the absolute top of the line in terms of price, but also in terms of elegance and style.

In House Construction:

No matter what type of counter tops you are looking for, Timberwood Properties can provide the absolute best installation you could possibly seek. With our own in house cabinetry shop the cabinets and counters will perfectly match. Due to our proven focus on customer service and client satisfaction, you can rest assured that when we're done with your kitchen, it will look exactly the way you want it to look down to the fine details that combine to provide your kitchen and home with the warm and welcoming look that will draw people together.

Since 2003, Timberwood Properties has been providing quality and excellence in kitchen design and remodeling. Since it is a family owned company with local employees, we know the best ways to make customers happy with their counter tops. After all, we use them in our own homes and so we know what makes a homeowner happy.