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You Dream It, We Build It

New construction

At Timberwood Properties, if you can dream it, we can build it. While many new construction companies let you choose between a few sets of pre-planned floor layouts, with Timberwood you can design your home from top to bottom. Consider that when working with a project manager, you will have the ability to go over every aspect of your home from the floor layout to the hardware on the cabinet handles – all so that you can design the home you have always dreamed about without having to worry about what design the builder has pre-planned.

Personalized Kitchens & Cabinets

One of the best parts of new construction is the ability to decide exactly how you want your kitchen to look. Do you want to have a center island, or do you want the space to be more open concept? What kind of stove do you want, and how do you want your cabinets arranged? Moreover, you can choose nearly everything that goes into the construction, such as the type of wood and design of the cabinet doors. Your ability to choose and control extends even down to the hardware that goes into the cabinet doors so that your handles follow the look you want them to have.

We can assure you of this level of control because we do all of our cabinet work in house in our own cabinetry shop. By working in house we know the cabinets will be right and that they will be ready when we need them.

Custom Closets

Another place where you can control the look and feel during a new construction is the closets. Often these spaces get overlooked, standing out as a blank white room with little to no adornment in a house that is otherwise elegantly designed. With Timberwood Properties, we can design the shelves and cabinetry that can go in your closet to not only look and feel wonderful, but also providing storage space unlike any other closet system available.

Specialized Countertops

Furthermore, with new construction, you can choose the counter tops that you want the most without having to worry about yanking them out later. Going throughout the process of home remodeling can get very expensive, so why not plan ahead and do all your upgrades as part of the initial building process? With options ranging from butcher block counters to marble, you get not only get the look and feel you want, but the utility as well. For example, butcher block counters are made of an elegant and heavy wood that make clean up easy without sacrificing a clean look and feel to the kitchen, whereas marble counter tops add a rich and lovely appearance and feel to any kitchen.

Family owned and operated, Timberwood Properties has been building and upgrading houses for years. As homeowners ourselves, every member of the Timberwood team understands the importance of getting exactly what you want out of new construction, with the goal being the complete and utter satisfaction of every client.